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About Us
FIREBIRD MINISTRIES is the outreaching hand of the Phoenix Universal Church.  We are not a brick and mortar edifice but rather a click and explore entity existing solely on the Internet. 
Our founder, pastor and guide is Reverend Lyn.  She is an ordained non-denominational Minister of God with a Doctorate in Divinity.  Her experience, training, education and research span over 40 years.
Her credentials and research were completed and obtained at the University of San Diego, United States International University, University of California-San Diego, University of Southern California, San Diego State University, Nazarene College, the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, the Taoist and Buddhist Temples of San Diego, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Days Saints-Salt Lake City, the Covenant of the Goddess-Califia Council, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Churches-Los Angeles, the U.S. Army Chaplain’s Office-Washington, D.C., and the Universal Life Monastery.  Her studies in metaphysics and comparative religion are ongoing.
“Our physical and psychological growth is never static.  Our society with its many morals and mores is never static.  I believe that it is imperative to continue our studies and learn so that we can be a spiritual guide and teacher to ALL our children!”
Since moving to Kentucky, Rev. Lyn has devoted her time to teaching, counseling, volunteering and at last completing her book, "KEEP THE LAMP BURNING: a guidebook to loss & healing."
She believes that TRUTH is a work in progress. 
Here at FIREBIRD MINISTRIES we consider the needs of the community our number one priority.  That part of our being which makes us created in God's image and likeness, our SOUL, is of the utmost importance to our ministry.  This is based on the belief that we are all children of the same Universe.   Our church is committed to meeting those needs through prayer and discussion.  
We would welcome the opportunity to share the beautiful story of Creation that God has made available to all who seek the truth. 
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Blessings To All 4 Unity
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